Monday, October 15, 2012

3DS eShop Preview: Liberation Maiden

Ever wanted to avenge your father's death by jumping in your “Liberator” and fighting against waves of evil foreign invaders? Well, thanks to Level 5 and Suda51 you can! Alright, so the idea behind Liberation Maiden may seem a bit odd, but what else would you expect from Suda51. Since the game comes out October 25 in North America, now is the perfect time to do a game preview.

The story behind Liberation Maiden is like this: You are the daughter to the Prime Minister of Japan. When he dies protecting his homeland, it is up to this high school girl to save Japan and avenge her father. Yeah...that's pretty much it. You take control of Shoko Ozora as she mans her flying machine of death, the Liberator. From here, you pretty much know the drill: Fight waves of endless baddies as you shoot your way to victory.

The game plays out as a third-person shooter. The controls in Liberation Maiden are not bad, but they do take some getting use to. You will control the movement of Shoko with your Circle Pad; however, you will have to control where she is shooting with your touchscreen. The bottom screen is set up like a grid. Moving your stylus over areas where enemies are located will lock onto targets. You release your shot by simply pulling your stylus off the touchscreen. Those are the controls in a nutshell.

The game itself is not extremely long, but decent for an eShop game. Each stage will take you to a different area of Japan. For example, you will start the game in Tokyo, but by the end you will visit other areas like Mt. Fuji. Your goal in each area is pretty much the same. You will have certain objects to destroy, and after doing so you will move on to the boss of that stage. There are not a ton of different enemies in the game, but there should be enough variety to at least keep you interested. The replay value of this game is all high score based. Once you beat it, the only reason to play through it again is to try and get a better high score. This is not a bad thing if you enjoy that kind of arcade like setup.

Overall, the game does have a nice “finished” feel to it. They didn't cut corners just because it was an eShop game. The frame rate is smooth despite all the action on the screen at any given point, and the music is catchy. The animated cut-scenes and voice-over also help this game to stand above many other eShop titles.

Be Sure to check out the trailer and game play footage below. Does this look like an eShop title you are interested in?

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