Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Monster Hunter 4 Details Revealed

The newest issue of Famitsu has revealed details about the upcoming Monster Hunter 4 game from Capcom. This is one of the most wanted titles for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, and there are many fans who are hoping to get details about a Western release sometime soon. It's being released in Japan next spring.

Now since these details were released in Japanese, the people on Andriasang have translated it. The feature tells of a weapon in the game called the 'Controllable Insect', with which the player commands a 'hunting insect' to gain power-ups from monsters. It's used by marking a monster and releasing the insect to suck up the monster's energy, which is then used to strengthen the player's character. The color of the energy determines what property is strengthened: red=strength; orange=defensive strength; white=speed; green=vitality.

Also detailed by Famitsu are Step Actions, which allow players to run through height differences in the land and make their characters jump. Attacks can also be performed this way in mid-air. Synthesis was also mentioned, which allows two partner Felynes to team up for group attacks. The last thing that was revealed was the Goa Magara – a new monster and major part of the storyline. More details are to be released at a later date.

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  1. I want a Monster Hunter in the west. I would rather have both 3g and 4, but it looks like I'll have to hope for 4, which I personally think is dumb but I'm not Capcom. I would say I'm looking forward to new info, but for now, I'm gonna remain infoless on this game until I know it's coming over here.

    C'mon Capcom, localize it!